Introducing the New Allen Digital Organ

On Monday, May 22, a new Allen Bravura L-324e, three manual, one pedal board digital organ was installed (pictured here).  In addition to expanding keyboards from two to three, the new instrument has touch-ready options to go from Allen classic to digitally sound-sampled American romantic Aeolian Skinner of the late 1800s to early 1900s, the German Schliker a la Bach, the French blazing of Caveille-Coll, and English cathedral.  The new instrument also has the technology of synthesized voices also sampled from actual instruments as well as a wide range of percussive tones, from chimes to carillon bells to many piano types and far beyond.

Previously promised but not practical with the former instrument, the new Allen does have the ability to pre-record music for entire worship services.  It has a feature called “Auto-Play” with hundreds or performance pieces as well as hymn tunes that can be set to play with or without introductions and set, as well, for number of verses.

For more detailed information, click here to go to the Allen organ site where you can click to the Bravura section and then on L-324e to see specifications, stop lists and other information.