What Our Members Say about First Congregational UCC


Each year, our members and friends write down the ways in which they’ve been “blessed” by being part of the First Congregational UCC community.  Here’s just a sampling of the 2017 thoughts.  Maybe you’ll find something that you’d like to ring true for YOU as a member of a church!


I feel blessed to participate in church activities with others to help me focus on values and ideals beyond myself and for the chance to “do” and just think or intend.

I am blessed by this church its constancy in my life—my second family—reminding me every Sunday of who I want to be—and how I can be that person.

Glad we are a Just Peace church.

I am grateful for our choir members, director and the beautiful, inspiring music they share.

Christ talks of hope. We have the hope we can change our behavior for good.

I am blessed because I have found a place to serve God, have been accepted for who I am, and met so many loving and caring people.

I am blessed to be a part of a caring, spirited and renewing church congregation which sees the world as it might be and acts to attain peace and justice.

We’re blessed and called to be part of positive movement within the church.  There can be no extravagant welcome unless there’s an open door and a place to gather.  We’re blessed and called to be part of what makes God’s presence in the world known.  We’re blessed and called to join together to help manifest God’s kingdom.

I continue to be blessed by the care  and assistance so many church members for to Audrey and me.—Arthur W. “ChrisChristofersen

I’m grateful to the church for the re-focusing, grounding and centering that it provides for me each week.

Always feeling like an outcast and finding a home here in the church.

This church and its members are showing what it means to share God’s love to me, to each other, and all those that we touch.

Thankful the right to vote and express my views.

Finding guidance in faith and love and kindness through my family, friends and faith.

I thank God every day for this church that provides both grounding and wings.

I am thankful for this church and its family as it helps me raise my family and bring them up showing love, caring, giving and peace.

I am grateful for the friendships here—friends from all generations.

UCC members believe it is important to be active and good citizens—to vote, to provide leadership in the community.

I’m blessed God loves me.

We appreciate this community!

I feel God’s presence in the comforting as well as the challenge to follow Christ offered by those who come together in this place




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Geri Schoenoff & Greg Hollenback