Done with church? Come Un-Done with Us!

A new banner on the outside of the church declares: Done with church? Come Un-Done with Us! What does that mean?  Lots of folks have had bad experiences of church:  worship that is boring or meaningless, being pushed away by official policies around gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion, mean-spiritedness, expectations that the church is only about personal righteousness and not making a difference in real life and the world around us, denying science and trying to prove that scripture is beyond question and exploration, even being chastised and judged...from the pulpit or in … [Read more...]

UCC Kids Grow in Service

UCC Kids Grow in Service "I serve because God commands me to" was spoken by Lili Carey, adult UCC member and member of One Heart, Inc., during the Black History event held at First Congregational UCC on February 18th.  Lili and One Heart were gracious enough to show the UCC kids the ropes for preparing a meal for the Transition Center. While the meal was cooking, Lili and the UCC kids and parents dropped in on the Black History event being held upstairs. The kids were asked to say a few words on why they thought service was important. Many of them spoke and offered words like "it's our … [Read more...]

What Our Members Say about First Congregational UCC

Each year, our members and friends write down the ways in which they've been "blessed" by being part of the First Congregational UCC community.  Here's just a sampling of the 2016 thoughts.  Maybe you'll find something that you'd like to ring true for YOU as a member of a church! BLESSING BOWL 2016   Thru this church I am blessed with continued growth and acceptance of who I am and who I continue to become. This church allows me to, for one hour, sit still and quietly restore my soul and sense of purpose. Thank you.   I am thankful for this community of … [Read more...]