We’re the Diaper Church

Clean and Covered, No Ifs, Ands or Butts The Food Pantry has ways of procuring food items, cents on the dollar that any of us can provide.  Thanks to information received, one of the most pressing needs for the Baraboo Food Pantry is items that, largely, aren’t provided through government programs and the like: diapers…as well as wipes, and other infant, baby and toddler care (maybe Desitin?).  Missions & Social Concerns Board has taken this on, and figure it can’t hurt to be known as the “Diaper Church”.  Three months of the year, the Mission of the Month will … [Read more...]

Holy Humor Sunday, April 28

The very essence of sin is taking ourselves too seriously.Reinhold Niebuhr Bring a Friend to Church/Holy Humor Sunday, April 28, 10:15 AM On Sunday April 28 we want to fill our Church with friends and laughter. Holy Humor Sunday service is a great Bring a Friend to Church Day. It is a perfect service for all, especially those who always say that if they went to Church, they would come to First Congregational. One Sunday, a young child was "acting up" during the morning worship hour. The parents did their best to maintain some sense of order in the pew but were losing … [Read more...]

Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week and Easter There will be a community Maundy Thursday communion service on April 18 at 7 PM (at our church), and a community Good Friday service on April 19 at 7 PM at First Presbyterian Church.  For the Maundy Thursday service, reflecting the “mandate” of Jesus to his disciples, to “do for others as I have done for you”, everyone from the three churches is asked to bring much needed diapers and related items (wipes, powder, etc.) as well as feminine hygiene products for distribution at the Baraboo Food Pantry. On Easter Sunday, we’ll have Sunrise Communion Service at Walnut … [Read more...]

What Our Members Say about First Congregational UCC

Each year, our members and friends write down the ways in which they've been "blessed" by being part of the First Congregational UCC community.  Here's just a sampling of the 2017 thoughts.  Maybe you'll find something that you'd like to ring true for YOU as a member of a church! BLESSING BOWL 2018 I feel blessed to participate in church activities with others to help me focus on values and ideals beyond myself and for the chance to “do” and just think or intend. I am blessed by this church its constancy in my life—my second family—reminding me every Sunday of who I want to be—and how … [Read more...]

We Are a “Just Peace” Congregation!

As of our annual Congregational Meeting on January 28, First Congregational United Church of Christ is a "Just Peace" congregation.  This follows nearly a year of conversation and study, prayer and drafting and editing covenant statements. Here is the Just Peace covenant: In 1985, the Fifteenth General Synod of the United Church of Christ made a landmark decision to become a Just Peace Church and called on congregations to become communities of Just Peace.  Just Peace, as used in this covenant, is our understanding of God's will for all people and is based on the concept of peace … [Read more...]

Done with church? Come Un-Done with Us!

Done with church? Come Un-Done with Us!  It's among the banners we display outside the church to let passers-by know we're here and maybe pique some curiosity.  But what does "Done with church? Come Un-Done with Us!" really mean? Lots of folks have had bad experiences of church:  worship that is boring or meaningless, being pushed away by official policies around gender, sexual orientation, political persuasion, mean-spiritedness, expectations that the church is only about personal righteousness and not making a difference in real life and the world around us, denying science and trying to … [Read more...]